At a glance

ReadeRx Therapeutics is developing small molecule inhibitors for the RNA binding protein IGF2BP1 as a novel treatment for cancer. IGF2BP1 is an oncofetal RNA binding protein expressed in many types of cancers. it regulates RNA function at many levels, including intracellular RNA localization, RNA stability, and translational control. IGF2BP1 is widely expressed during development yet, its expression levels are dramatically reduced in normal mature tissues. In many cancers IGF2BP1 is reactivated, assuming a pivotal role in stabilizing key pro-oncogenic RNAs, thereby promoting pro-oncogenic and pro-tumorigenic processes.

Preliminary work performed by ReadRx’ inventor, Prof. Joel Yisraeli, showed that IGF2BP1 is an attractive target for directed therapy and also provided evidence that specific small molecules suppress pro-oncogenic activity of this target, paving the way for additional work towards cancer therapy.

Readerx Therapeutics