Positioned at the gateway of academic innovation, Integra invested in game-changing advancements in diverse therapeutic fields that show vast commercial potential, including Oncology, Neurology, Respiratory, Pain & Anesthesia, Infectious Diseases, Inflammation and Ophthalmology. The company holds a portfolio of 11 companies in early to late stages of development

  • reade rx

    ReadeRx Therapeutics is developing small molecule inhibitors for the RNA binding protein IGF2BP1 as a novel treatment for cancer.

  • A late stage company with a unique lipid-based cytotoxic agent cytotoxic agent in preparations for review by FDA for marketing authorization.

  • nectin

    A biotechnology company devoted to transforming the lives of cancer patients by pioneering the development of next generation immune oncology (IO) therapies.

  • splisense

    A preclinical company developing novel antisense oligonucleotides for specific genetic mutations in Cytic Fibrosis, a disease with great unmet clinical needs.

  • high-rad

    HighRAD provides the first Intelligent Computer Assessment Support (iCASTM) system that delivers a trusted, automatic and enriched view of multi-organ imaging longitudinal data to improve healthcare outcomes and help stop disease progression.

  • hil

    A medical device company with breakthrough laser-based technology that reduces the size, complexity and cost of proton accelerators, marking a significant leap in radiation therapy.

  • Neopol

    A preclinical company with a unique formulation of the widely used anesthetic agent, Propofol, that provides a solution to the main drawback of the commercial product Diprivan, bacterial contamination.

  • lipocure

    A preclinical stage company that develops novel liposomal formulations of known drugs for post-surgical pain.

  • OphRx

    A preclinical company developing novel topical non-invasive formulations of approved drugs to ocular uses, targeting major disease states and clinical needs.

  • RNAble

    RNAble is developing novel compounds that alter RNA stability through modulation of RNA epitranscriptomics for the treatment of specific cancers and rare genetic diseases with nonsense mutations.

  • lipomedix

    A Phase Ib company that develops a novel liposomal prodrug of a cytotoxic agent for cancer therapy.