Project Description


At a glance

Established in 2006 by Prof. Shmuel Ben-Sasson, Tiltan Pharma is a mid stage company developing a novel product, TL-118, for cancer therapy through anti-angiogenic mechanisms.
TL-118 completed a two arm open-label Phase IIa study in metastatic pancreatic cancer patients, comparing the anti-tumor effects of TL-118 and gemcitabine to a gemcitabine-arm alone (standard of care).

Market Potential

TL-118 can be developed for a wide range of solid tumor indications, employing its general anti-angiogenic metronomic effects (low dose high frequency).

Company Highlights

The Phase II trial was completed in Q3 2016. Good safety data and encouraging clinical measures were observed.

Key Shareholders

Integra Holdings, Hydronet, Tiltan Canada, Michael Ilan.


Business development activity is ongoing to secure future clinical development.

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