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At a glance

Established in 2003 by Prof. Raymond Kaempfer and Dr. Gila Arad, AtoxBio is a late stage biotech company that develops novel immunomodulators for fighting infectious diseases by targeting the host immune system, rather than the pathogen, of critically ill patients.
AtoxBio’s lead product, AB103, is being studied in ACCUTE, a phase 3 clinical trial in patients with Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections. It was granted Orphan Drug designation and Fast Track status by the FDA, as well as Orphan Medicinal Product designation by the EMA.
AB103, AtoxBio’s lead product, is being developed for severe infections in critically ill patients. A Phase II study that included patients with Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections (NSTI, “flesh eating bacteria”) demonstrated that patients treated with AB103 had a meaningful improvement across multiple end points.

Market Potential

AB103 is the first product to be specifically developed for this indication, with no competition, targeting a focused market, easily accessible with a small sales force, accompanied with significant pricing power for an unmet medical indication.
In addition, the US Army biodefense research have granted a BARDA grant of up to $24 Million in funds for the development of therapeutics against a broad family of bacterial toxins, the superantigens.

Company Highlights

An investment of $23 Million by key pharmaceutical and VC companies will enable development of AB103 through Phase III for NSTI and exploration of additional indications targeting the immune system at the acute clinical care setting (ICUs).

Key Shareholders

SROne, Lundbeckfond Ventures, Orbimed Israel, Integra Holdings, The Becker Group, Esperante.


Business development activity is ongoing to secure future clinical development.

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