Investment Strategy

Integra Holdings is granted exclusive access to review and evaluate biomedical research drawn out of the Hebrew University’s long-standing tradition of academic excellence. We apply the expertise of our professional multidisciplinary team to identify the most promising innovations in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostic technologies.

Three steps underlie our success:


Right Of
First Look

Integra is privileged to have exclusive first access to healthcare-related inventions and discoveries originating at the prestigious Hebrew University.

We work in close association with the University’s top biomedical research teams to carefully select only the best.


And Evaluation

Our specialized know-how and vast business experience are applied in every step of our meticulous screening process.

We conduct extensive research to weigh in scientific merit, patent protection and commercial feasibility.



From inception to commercialization, we provide expert hands-on guidance to our portfolio companies.

We leverage our professional knowledge and broad business networks accumulated over decades of industry involvement.

Integra Holdings was created in order to bring the most exciting medical discoveries to life. We focus on innovations within our areas of expertise, while maintaining a diversified portfolio of companies in various stages of development.

Responsible commitment to one’s portfolio companies extends far beyond the initial financial investment. With a long term vision in mind, we continue to invest our experience and expertise, until the company reaches its full commercial potential. We use our industry ties collected over decades to open new doors and forge collaborative partnerships, that contribute to future growth and value.

We believe in building an executive team that is ambitious, decisive and open to new ideas. Establishing a continuous flow of information and idea-sharing across all the company’s touchpoints is crucial for reaching the right decisions and turning hurdles into stepping stones.